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Friday, December 20, 2013

Movie Review: Leviathan(1989) directed by George P. Cosmatos

If there is one kind of movie I can never get enough of its science fiction and science fiction horror ranks high with that world. The 1989 film ‘Leviathan’ may not be a gem of the genera but it holds its own with a few well done monster moments and a set that feel group of tense happenings in what has to be a very dangerous world of under water mining.
Peter Weller stars as Steven “Becky” Beck a geologist turned mining shack chief on an underwater silver mine. Beck’s lack of experience as a crew chief is apparent as he navigates his burnt out but well experienced crew of minors.  To put it in a way that spoils as little as possible it all goes to pot and people start getting dead.

This movies is something of a rip-off of ‘Alien’ and ‘The Thing’(both great films) and even lacking the tension of those two films it does well to keep the fear alive. Each crew member is their own person and not simply warm bodies to make dead.

The only nudity you’ll find in this film is the centerfolds that a character places above his bunk but two of the three female characters do have sexy moments. In this tight, little, enclosed, world where this is almost no privacy I would have expected more. There is a great opportunity to show the stressed and tense nature of the world these characters live in with some more skin.

To put a point on it, ‘Leviathan’ is that girl that comes to the pool party that looks okay, has on a sensible bather, and fails to make a splash, but you don’t mind seeing her around.

Who should watch this film: fans of science fiction films, horror movie buffs, and those of you who love practical movie magic.